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Loyalty Program

Royalty Extracts Reward Program

Earn points towards your next purchase with our lucrative Royal Gold Coins Reward Program!


What do you get?

500 Royal Gold Coins = $5 off your next order 

1000 Royal Gold Coins = $10 off your next order

2500 Royal Gold Coins = $25 off your next order

3200 Royal Gold Coins = FREE 500mg Pure CBD Drops with your next order!

5200 Royal Gold Coins = FREE CBD Infused BCAA's with your next order!

7500 Royal Gold Coins = FREE Royalty Bundle - BCAA & Oil infused CBD package with your next order!

How do I earn rewards?

First, you have to create a customer account with us (for which you'll get 200 Royal Gold Coins automatically, by the way), and then you can earn points by:

  • Buying our products - Earn 2 Royal Gold Coins for every $1 you spend 
  • Liking us on Facebook25 Royal Gold Coins
  • Share our website on Facebook - 10 Royal Gold Coins
  • Follow us on Instagram 50 Royal Gold Coins
  • Review a product - 500 Royal Gold Coins
  • Review a product with a Video Selfie - 1000 Royal Gold Coins

Once you've created an account, click on the little popup in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen with the little crown image.

From there, you'll be able to find links to earn your Royal Gold Coins, as well as your unique refer-a-friend link.


I can refer my friends? 

Yes! When you create a customer account with us, you'll be provided with a referral link. If your friends order through that link, you'll get $10 off your next purchase and your friend will get a coupon for 10% off - that way, everyone wins. 

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